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Responsible Exploration


At K2 Gold, we believe in early engagement from the onset.  Our goal is to establish open communicationin order to create a solid foundation upon which strong working relationships and partnerships can be built.


We believe that our projects have the potential to bring significant economic and social development opportunities to the local areas in which we operate.  We recognize that the long-term success of our operations depends on building and maintaining constructive relationships with our host communities. 


We seek to minimize the environmental impact of our activities at all times.  We employ a high standard of environmental stewardship when we design our projects to safeguard the environment and our communities.

We promote the rational use and conservation of resources, taking action to prevent and minimize our impact on the environment in the development of our activities, while complying with current legislation.

Safety & Health:

We  are committed to operating safely.  Protecting the health and safety of our employees, contractors and communities is our most critical responsibility.  



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